HAS Risk Management offers comprehensive and tailored insurance services designed to protect businesses of all sizes. Experience peace of mind knowing your business, valuable assets, and treasured loved ones are protected.

Secure your family’s financial future and be proactive with life insurance! Our trained experts will evaluate your individual needs and create a tailored strategy to maximize coverage. Don’t risk leaving anything in doubt – make sure you have the right plan for long-term stability.

Our experienced professionals understand the complexities of tailored insurance solutions. Let us help you find the perfect policy for your personal or business needs – ensuring peace of mind and comprehensive coverage along the way.

Our team of forward-thinking employee benefits professionals will collaborate with you to develop an actionable plan designed to help you navigate the complexities of your benefits strategy.

Specialty coverage tailored to athletes and entertainers is our 20+ years of expertise- so whatever your risks or exposures in the Sports & Entertainment industry, we know how to protect you.

Our team is committed to helping you secure your financial future. We will collaborate with your estate planning experts, analyzing your portfolio and designing solutions specifically tailored for you.

HAS Risk Management’s Claims division offers exceptional support to clients during a loss. The in-house claim advocates understand the sense of urgency that comes with a claim and provide round-the-clock concierge-style service. Clients can rely on the team to offer support throughout the entire claims process, from initial filing to settlement. The claims advocates will even go a step further and advocate for settlements that are in the best interest of the client’s balance sheet. With such dedicated support, clients can rest assured that they will receive the compensation they deserve and have peace of mind during what can be a challenging time.

Don’t let an unexpected illness or injury keep you from making ends meet. Disability insurance can provide financial support in times of need, ensuring that your income loss does not significantly affect your life.

PEO simplifies Human Resource management for small and midsized businesses, offering a full-service solution encompassing the necessary elements: HR services, payroll processing, employee benefits administration & workplace safety. Having access to technology is only one part of this platform – you will also receive dedicated experts assigned specifically to your business who can provide tailored advice as well as hands-on assistance with day-to-day tasks.

The cost of in-home care and nursing home expenses are increasing, and this can become stressful for your family. Long term care insurance can provide peace of mind if you’re no longer able to live independently.